We use 100% natural cotton in our rope baskets.  The rope is manufactured and sourced right here in the USA.  It is very durable and handles well with each use.  To clean please spot clean with cold water.


For our wall hanging, please unroll carefully and lightly fluff with your fingers.  If some of the yarn seems wrinkled you can carefully steam it or left it hang for a while and the wrinkles will naturally come out of it.  It is important to unroll your weaving and hang right away to avoid any wrinkles or creases.  With the rainbow wall hangings you can carefully brush out the fringe to lay flat.


Pillowcases can be carefully washed in cold and dried on low heat.  If the pillow is made with silk we recommend laying flat to dry,


All handmade dolls should be handled with care and spot clean only.  If the doll is made with roving hair it is important that they hair stay in the style it was made in.  Do not brush roving hair.  Dolls are recommended for older children or as a decoration.