Cotton Facemask

100% Cotton Face mask.  This is NOT intended to be used for a medical grade mask.  This is a handmade cotton mask that is for home use.   

Each mask is double layered cotton with 1/8" elastic hoops for the ears.  The masks are not pre-laundered and all masks should be washed before use.   Please allow for small amount of shrinkage.  


Small (Child 1-4): 5" H x 6.5" L

Medium (Child to teen 5-15): 5.5" H x 7" L

Large (Adult / 16+) : 6" H x 8.5" L

XLarge (Adult XL head): 7" H x 9" L

**My 6 year old son wears a medium and my 3 year old daughter wears a small.  I can fit into the medium and large.   Large is more comfortable but if you have a petite face you could wear a medium.  My husband can wear a large but has a very large head so he will also fit into the XL.  For most adults I recommend size large.

CARE: Machine was hot with like colors and tumble dry hot.

*** If you find the elastic hoops too tight or too loose feel free to simply cut the elastic and you can place a shoestring through the mask for a more adjustable facemask.





  • $18.00